Emigro Startup Studio

Empowering Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Vancouver, Canada

ESS is the first venture builder for immigrant founded startups. Proudly building Canadian tech and supporting the startup ecosystem.

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Emigro is a startup studio empowering immigrant entrepreneurs. Dedicated to addressing global problems, teams of immigrant entrepreneurs will be formed to grow technology product solutions into sustainable global companies.


Emigro will be the premiere startup studio launching immigrant founded digital products and introducing them to global markets. It will be building world-class Canadian tech and supporting the startup ecosystem.


Emigro is a multicultural team of entrepreneurs in Vancouver, Canada. With decades of combined experience in engineering, business, software, startups, and the full product life-cycle - the team is well positioned to build and support global technology companies.


Emigro will; develop viable startup ideas, build the minimum viable products, recruit and build teams of qualified entrepreneurs globally, guide the teams through product and customer development, and set the teams on the path for growth into global markets.


Emigro is currently seeking partnerships globally for companies and organizations that are aligned with our mission: